Gone Home 

"Try and leave this world a little better than you found it."
From Lord Robert Baden-Powell's `last message`

In Scouting the term "Gone Home" is used when a member passes away. The symbol used is a circle enclosed within a circle, which is shown here.

This page is dedicated to the Leaders, former Leaders, and Members of Troop 9-Stamford who have answered the final call to return home. If anyone has information on a Leader/Member that is not shown here please send the information to us. If you have a short bio for anyone that has Gone Home please also send it through so we can post as well.

Patricia Nulty
5/24/1954 - 4/15/2019
Norman H Wuebber
Richard Koch
3/6/54 – 6/21/16
Jeffery R. Nadro Sr.
1/31/51 – 8/22/15
Thomas P. Pavia
3/21/57 - 2/10/12
Peter S. Amico
5/5/1955 - 5/21/2011
Doc Abbott
8/30/1915 - 8/6/2006